Settlers is a wonderful company comprised of very professional, skilled and trustworthy people which is very rare to find.

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Sincerest thanks to you all for helping me to settle into my new home. Presented with hundreds of boxes, furniture repair, dirty windows, broken window shades, locks to be changed and no clue where to locate a super market - Karen, Lisa and Nancy jumped in enthusiastically with smiling faces to sort through the chaos. Tirelessly, with calm demeanor, each person provided whatever skills needed to create a home for me in less than ten hours. These may seem like small things to mention to you but they show the care each lady took on my behalf. Nancy organized my bathroom drawers so well that when I needed to find a hair care product this morning I realized that she had beautifully put them all into one drawer for easy access which showed that she took the time to make things as perfectly organized as she could. Lisa managed my kitchen organization as if it were her own and this morning I could enjoy breakfast on my breakfast dishes within easy reach (means a lot after paper plates for a week). Karen directed every task expertly and not one minute was wasted. She worked along side everyone unpacking effortlessly. She showed great respect for her staff and great care for all that she tackled. It is wonderful to have the boxes now gone. It is wonderful to have so many referrals to qualified trades people for immediate help. But, it was most wonderful to have had such good company and care under an extremely stressful situation. And, saying thank you does not seem nearly enough. You all have my heartfelt thanks!


the professionals from The Settler were superb at their job at every turn, every single day, that they produced – under Caroline Menchero’s leadership – what seemed to me the impossible: a difficult job with grace, with purpose, with humor and, yes, with charm.


Even though it will take many months to put every last little piece in its proper and permanent home, one thought stands out above all others with my traumatic move, downsizing at every turn, and that is this:that the professionals from The Settler were superb at their job at every turn, every single day, that they produced – under Caroline Menchero’s leadership – what seemed to me the impossible: a difficult job with grace, with purpose, with humor and, yes, with charm. The fact that I could count on their professional judgement at every turn helped relax my life and my persona to the nth degree. My recommendation as a company or as a single person is merely praise of the highest caliber and I would gladly raise my flag to any prospective client. Thank you for your uncompromising standard of perfection.


If Pinny Randall had not come into my life, the move from New Orleans to Dallas would never have happened.


It was as though an angel had appeared to offer psychiatric help and expertise in every way (physical, organizational, secretarial, family planning). She managed to minimize the logistic problems of the New Orleans move. She fascinated my children with her ability to help divide my possessions. As a result, she helped me to bring to Dallas the possessions that truly mattered. There were many complicated issues in my move, including seven different stops in different cities. Every delivery arrived perfectly. No breakage and no mistakes. I cannot express my admiration for The Settler in glowing enough terms.


I was dreading the idea of moving from the home I had shared with my husband of 38 years, the love of my life. I was grieving deeply after his recent passing. Due to Estate arrangements, I had to move. In a conversation with a good friend I learned about the “lady with the clip board”; A Job Manager with The Settler.


I cried through my initial appointment and they wanted to work with me anyway! When Beth Schulkind came to help me pack and sort I could only work for about 3 hours before I needed to rest. ‘This is NOT the Real me’ I kept insisting. As the process moved forward, stacks of boxes around the house grew. My new house was under construction. I was a mess. Move day came. The Job Manager suggested I go out for lunch with a friend, I did! Everything was under control at the old house when I left, everything was under control at the new house when I got there. My bed was made, room unpacked, bathroom ready. My sitting room was ready for me that night. Miraculously, I slept through the night for the first time since my husband had died 8 months earlier. This was the Real me!
It was beyond remarkable what The Settler crew accomplished efficiently, patiently and with care. They made this dreaded process comfortable and easy. I felt like a Queen, sitting with my feet up reading the paper while The Settler team unpacked and settled my things into sensible places in my new home. I couldn’t be happier with my experience working with The Settler, worth every penny! 


I could not have survived our move without the help of The Settler. They helped us with the complicated business of moving.


Antiques and multitudes of boxes were packed up for Vermont, some furniture and things were put in storage for a new home we are building, and still other things put in storage for a rental during the time we’ll watch the progress on our new house. It was a difficult project and quite rushed because we had not done much sorting ahead of time. Christmas and holidays happened right in the middle of it all so the timing was tricky. But Pinny, ever cheerful and positive, ever helpful and full of suggestions about things, was a godsend during all of the upheaval and made the process a pleasure and, actually, even fun! I could not believe it. During all the stress, she just made me laugh my way through all of it. It is with the greatest pleasure that I recommend the Settler for anyone about to move. Help (and I mean help of the very best kind) is at hand if and when you need it. I can really vouch for this one.